Basics of Political Marketing.

We are Political Marketing company Based in Pakistan and we offer services such as Survey, Marketing research, Contents development for Campaigns, Campaign management, Strategy development and Consultancy.

We are Political Marketing company Based in Pakistan and we offer services such as 
Survey, Marketing research, Contents development for Campaigns, Campaign 
management, Strategy development and Consultancy.

Marketing activities designed to influence about political issues, particular candidates for public office, or public issues and mind set of general public, politically called voters. Although political marketing uses many of the same techniques that other forms of marketing do, it is actually used to promote a concept or an idea, rather than a specific product or service, and to motivate people to vote for that idea.

Generally all type of marketing activities is focused on self-interest, but that in politics is focused on the common good and public interest. Political marketing is beneficial for both, the leaders and voters. Political marketing is an effective key to success, by practicing specific marketing techniques we can build public image of specific leader. The scope of Political marketing is not narrow, to increase number of voters, it also includes to make new and existing voters more loyal to their party and leaders.
We offer political consultancy to political parties and political leaders to make a best election campaign services for Political Marketing and Consulting in Asia. We Guarantee for success in election for a party or a person. Political Consulting must be started at least two years before election to get good results. if you are a party leader or a Political personality and or a association, and if you want to get political consultation just contact me and i will do the rest.
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Scope of Political Marketing

Political Marketing is being used and implemented with different names and different shapes since democracy came into existence. In 1950 Political Marketing was defined as a separate subject please sees history of Political Marketing for reference and details.
Still this subject is in developing phase and need to do a lot to formally recognize Political Marketing as separate subject. In my point of view Political Marketing is highly significant in all countries especially in democrat governments and more especially to developing countries. Political Marketing is essential for political parties, leaders, government and as well as for general public. Political Marketing brings stability in political culture of a country that in return brings prosperity in national economy at root and gross level. Without Political Marketing or misuse of Political Marketing it is really intricate and complex to better understand public needs and it is so intricate to create and develop good governance in a society.
To better understand the scope of Political Marketing I would like to quote two examples. 1st for the country where Political Marketing is being implement since decades and in contrast to this the another country where Political culture is not developed yet in parties as well as political leaders are not aware about Political Marketing.
1st I would like to quote USA. Where we can see very clear that Americans are implementing Political Marketing since decades in America, before elections the candidates create and develop a philosophy for their election campaign. So they are clear about what they are communicating in their dialogue. At all level their philosophy remains same, their goals, mission and objective does not change, audience to audience and place to place. What ever they communicate for coalition parties or public, in New York or in any other state, the theme of their communication at all level remains same because they are well prepared, we can't find any contradiction in their speeches, it builds harmony and trust in public. As a result we can see that in America normally election forecasting is done before elections by survey and pools and election result proofs those pools predictions.

On other hand I would like to quote an example of a developing country where political culture is not as developed yet. We can see that in Pakistan there is political instability, political leaders in Pakistan are not well aware about the importance of Political Marketing due to lack of knowledge. There is no research, no philosophy and no proper developed campaign based on research. One leader is talking and communicating other things compare to other leader of same party, even we can notice very clearly that same leader is communicating in different ways with different themes and objectives on different occasions and at different territories. Its due to lack of research, lack of proper philosophy and agenda and without preparation of any centralized campaign. As a result public don't believe their promises and other parties get advantage of their contradictions, however we can see instability, lack of trust inside party and no clear vision.

If we summarize all discussion and keep in mind both examples its clear that without research, developed philosophy and centralized political marketing and election campaign and theme it is nearly impossible to build public trust and harmony at national level. We must give a direction to political activities to get good results for a better future.

For the reason our organization, political marketing services slogan is "VOTE FOR TOMORROW" that describes well all functions of political marketing at all levels, government, political parties, leaders and for public.

Political Marketing is essential to get desired results from a political campaign to win elections, we design develop and implement political marketing campaigns. Political Marketing Services to design election campaigns for political Parties and leaders.

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